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Our coaching team is the backbone of our rowing club, playing a vital role in our members' development. They lead both our beginner courses and regular coaching sessions, providing guidance both indoors and outdoors. Their primary responsibility is overseeing the crews on the water and assisting less experienced rowers with boat handling. They also offer drills and technical feedback to help refine rowing skills. We are immensely grateful to our coaches for their dedication and contributions, which enhance the rowing experience for all. 

Are you someone with a desire to give back to our community and support others in their rowing journey? Consider joining our coaching team! Whether you're coaching beginners, providing technical guidance, or ensuring smooth operations on the water, your contribution will make a meaningful difference. Join our community of coaches, share your passion for rowing, and be a part of creating an inclusive and supportive environment for all. Together, we can inspire and empower rowers to reach their full potential. Reach out to if you are interested in joining the coaching section!


Our rental committee ensures that our club remains clean and presentable for each event. By overseeing the state of the venue, they contribute to creating a welcoming space for renters to set up their own events.

As one of the main sources of income for our club, the rental committee's efforts are highly valued. If you are interested in joining this committee and helping to ensure the smooth operation of our rentals, please reach out to

Sponsring committee


More info to follow.

Kit & Merchandise

The kit and merchandise committee designs and places the orders for new kit and merchandise. Are you creative and love designing? This may be the committee for you!

Kit and Merchandise committee
social committee


More info to follow.

Båt & Material

More info to follow.

Boat and materials committee