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Ro med oss!

Ro med oss!

Become a member, sign up for a beginner course or organise a team building activity with us.

Learn the basics of rowing and get a club membership for the rest of the year included.

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If you already have experience in rowing, sign up here to become part of our club.


Organise a rowing team building activity and get your team more synchronised!

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Rowing as a member

At Malmö Roddklubb we have different sections. Whether you're a student rower, competitive athlete, coastal adventurer, or seeking recreational bliss, our club offers you a community.

Embrace the versatility: being part of one section doesn't exclude others. Many members thrive in multiple aspects, creating an inclusive and dynamic rowing experience.

Student rowing

Student rowing has been a part of Malmö Roddklubb since 1992. It is nowadays open to students from all universities in Skåne. We compete in several student-specific races throughout the year.

Lund Universisty roddklubb Christmas dinner
Coastal rowing with Helsingborg Roddklubb

Coastal rowing

Unlike traditional rowing, which takes place on calm and flat water, coastal rowing is performed on open water, where the rowers must navigate waves, currents, and wind. This makes it a more exciting and dynamic sport, with a greater emphasis on technique, strength, and endurance.


More info to follow.

Lund Universitets Roddklubb Kanalen Rundt
Malmö Roddklubb Copenhagen Harbour Race 2022


Our new competitive program aims to help rowers of all levels improve their skills and compete in races throughout the year. The competitive section welcomes rowers of all levels who have mastered basic rowing skills and techniques.